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How to customize Tyslo - EasySell order form ?

EasySell Form Builder, is a user-friendly interface to build custom order forms easily. you can add unlimited custom fields to your form, and you can also use predefined Shopify fields.

How to use EasySell order Form builder

You can access the Form Builder from app menu, the form builder has three sections : Form Elements, Live Preview and Fields Editor, choose your desired fields from the Form Element section and click ➕ Add, then you will be able to preview them on the Live Preview section, or edit them on the Fields Editor tab.

Tyslo EasySell - Form builder

1- Pin EasySell in your Shopify admin to have a quickly access

Tyslo Easysell - pin app in Shopify admin

2- Edit your order form in fullscreen mode

Tyslo EasySell - Edit form in fullscreen mode

3- Edit your order form global style

Tyslo EasySell - edit order form global style

4- Add fields to your order form

The form builder has two types of fields, Shopify fields and Basic fields, you can add them from here :

Tyslo EasySell - add new fields

Shopify fields are synced with the Shopify system, it is highly recommended to use them if you need information to be synced with Shopify, otherwise you can use basic fields.

5- Delete a field

Tyslo EasySell - delete fields

6- Reorder your fields

Tyslo EasySell - reorder fields

Customize your order form's fields to your needs

To personalize a field, select it, then you can edit your field on the Editor section.

Tyslo EasySell - edit order form fields

Make sure to save your changes whenever you make one, by clicking on the save button.

👉 Basic customization

Here you can :
Hide/show field label,
Hide/show field icon,
Mark field as required or not,
Add field title and placeholder
Add error message to show when field is not valid
Add a prefix that customers cannot delete

👉 Advanced customization

Here you can :
Set field minimum character length
Set field maximum character length
Add a regular expression to validate field information (regex is a pattern to be matched with)
Allow only numeric values (0-9) in field

Make sure to check other articles to see how you can edit specific fields in details, like WhatsApp button, provinces/cities fields...

ℹī¸ If need any further information or you need any kind of help, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or WhatsApp from the app 😎

Updated on: 22/11/2022