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How to add an image to quantity offers?

To add an image to an offer, you first need to upload the image to your Shopify files. Then, copy and paste its link into the quantity offer section in EasySell. Please follow the steps below to do so.

1- Go to your Shopify Files page

Tyslo EasySell - Shopify Files

2- Upload your image to your Shopify Files, and copy it's link

Tyslo EasySell - Upload and copy Image link

3- Add the Image to your quantity offer

In EasySell Menu, click on Quantity Offers
Select the quantity offer
Click on Edit on the offer you want to add the image
Put the image link you copied earlier on Image URL Field
Now click on Done

Tyslo EasySell - Select quantity offer

Tyslo EasySell - Edit offer

Tyslo EasySell - Add image to offer

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Updated on: 18/06/2023