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How to add an Image to your 1-Tick Upsell?

Follow the steps below to add an Image to your 1-tick Upsell.

1- Go to your Shopify Files page

Tyslo EasySell - Shopify Files

2- Upload your image to your Shopify Files, and copy it's link

Tyslo EasySell - Upload and copy Image link

3- Add the Image to your 1-tick Upsell

In EasySell Menu, click on Upsells & Downsells
Then click on 1-Tick Upsells
Select the Upsell where you want to add the Image
Put the image link you copied earlier on Image URL Field
Save your changes

Tyslo EasySell - Add image to 1-tick upsell

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Updated on: 30/06/2023