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How to add tracking pixels to EasySell ?

EasySell Order form, allows you to add as many tracking pixels as you want, it will auto-detect pixels you already configured on your Shopify Admin, but you can add additional ones.

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Here is a list of the available tracked events:

PixelEvents Tracked
Facebook PixelInitiateCheckout, Purchase or Lead
Facebook Conversions APIPurchase or Lead
TikTok PixelInitiateCheckout, CompletePayment
TikTok Events APICompletePayment
Pinterest tagCheckout
Google Tag (gtag)InitiateCheckout, Purchase
Google AdsConversion (Purchase)

Add new pixel

To add a pixel, go to Settings > Tracking, if this is your first pixel then click Add new pixel, otherwise click +Add, then you will be asked to choose the Pixel type from the list, finally add the other details like your Pixel ID, and save.

Tyslo EasySell - Add new tracking pixel

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Updated on: 18/06/2023