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How to use EasySell Downsells feature?

EasySell Downsell's new feature is a powerful way to recover potential lost sales. A Downsell pop-up, presenting a special offer, will appear when the customer closes the form.

Here are some key benefits of using Downsells:
Increases customer satisfaction by offering more affordable options
Boosting sales revenue, a Downsell can generate additional sales that may have otherwise been lost
Helps to clear inventory that is not moving

Create and configure your Donwsell

To create a Downsell follow the steps below:

Click on Upsells & Downsells on the left menu
Scroll down and click on Configure Downsells button

Tyslo EasySell - Create Downsell

Now click on Create a new Downsell
Tyslo EasySell - Create new Downsell 2

Here you can customize your Downsell the way you desire

Tyslo EasySell - Configure Downsells

1- Display the downsell for

Here, you can choose to display the Downsell for all products or specific ones. You can also decide how many times the form should be closed before the Downsell pop-up appears.

Tyslo EasySell - Display the Downsell for

2- Discount value

Now, decide whether you want to deduct a fixed amount or a percentage from the total, and then enter the value.

Tyslo EasySell - Downsell discount

3- Customize the downsell

Here, you can edit the text displayed in the pop-up and customize the style and colors of the text, discount badge, "Complete Order" button, and "No Thank You" button.

Tyslo EasySell - Customize Downsell

Be sure to include the Order Summary field from the Form Builder, which will display the discounted amount if the merchant accepts the downsell offer.

Final results

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Updated on: 24/04/2023