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One Tick Upsell / Order bumps

One Tick Upsells / Order Bump, allows you to bump your order with offers that can be accepted with just one tick, here is a demo video:

How to create One Tick Upsell?

1. Choose Products You Want To Trigger This Upsell

First, Select the products where you want to display the upsell, you can enable the upsell for all products or for certain products / collections.

Choose Products You Want To Trigger This Upsell

2. Configure One Tick Offer

Add the title and price for your offer (Check ideas bellow), and adjust the design and colors to match your brand.

Configure One Tick Offer

Live preview

Live Preview

Here is a list of some great ideas:

🛡 Shipping Protection - Want peace of mind? We will cover all damaged or lost goods in transit free of charge.
🔥 Priority Processing - We'll bump your order up to the front of the queue. Make sure you get your order 1st!
⚖️ Extended Warranty - Extend your product warranty for another 2 years.
🚚 Expedited Shipping - Want your order as fast as possible? We will ship your first and in the fastest way we have available.
🕵️ Mystery Product - Add some mystery to your order.
🎁 Gift Wrapping - One of our team, will carefully wrap your items individually to make your (special one) ... feels special!
🔋 Batteries - Any of your products need batteries?
📕 eBook - Get our ebook that helps you X

Updated on: 05/08/2023