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How to use EasySell SMS Messaging?

EasySell SMS Messages feature, aims to help you better communicate with your customers and improve their overall shopping experience. With this new feature, merchants can now send personalized order confirmation SMS to their customers after placing an order, inform them by SMS when their order is shipped, recover abandoned orders, and verify the customers' phone numbers using an SMS verification code.

You can access SMS Messages from the left menu on your Shopify Admin, under EasySell App, or from the tab menu inside the App:

Tyslo EasySell - SMS Messages

Remaining balance

In the SMS Messages dashboard, you can check your remaining balance and top up your balance, to have enough balance to cover any upcoming SMS charges.

Tyslo EasySell - SMS Messages Balance


On the dashboard, you can also check SMS pricing based on chosen country.

Tyslo EasySell - SMS Messages Pricing

Activate / Deactivate an SMS feature based on your needs

Tyslo EasySell - SMS Messages Features

Personalize Order confirmation SMS

This feature allows merchants to provide real-time updates to their customers. When a customer places an order, they receive an SMS confirmation almost instantly, which provides reassurance that their order has been received and is being processed. This not only helps to reduce customer support inquiries but also helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Tyslo EasySell - Order Confirmation SMS

Available Variables

{order_id} to insert the order number.
{order_url} to insert the order thank you page link.
{customer_name} to insert the customer's name.
{order_total} to insert the order total.

Personalize Shipping confirmation SMS

You can use SMS messages to inform your customers when their order has been shipped, providing them with a tracking number and estimated delivery date for example.

Tyslo EasySell - Shipping confirmation SMS

Available Variables

{tracking_number} to insert the tracking number.
{tracking_url} to insert the url to track the shipment.
{customer_name} to insert the customer's name.
{order_id} to insert the order number.

Personalize Abandoned Cart Recovery SMS

You can use this feature to recover abandoned orders by sending a personalized SMS to customers who have not completed their purchase. This can help you to recapture lost sales and improve their conversion rates.

Tyslo EasySell - Abandoned Cart Recovery SMS

Available Variables

{recovery_url} to insert the recovery link (required).

Personalize Phone number Verification (OTP)

Follow this article, How to use SMS OTP?, for more information about SMS OTP.

Important: Links are not allowed within the text of the message. Messages longer than 140 characters (English alphabet) and 70 characters (other alphabets) will be subject to higher costs.

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Updated on: 01/03/2023