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How to use SMS OTP?

SMS OTP stands for "Short Message Service One-Time Password". It refers to a security measure where a unique, temporary code is sent to a user's mobile phone via SMS, which they then enter into your website to verify their identity.

How OTP Verification Works?

You can use EasySell SMS OTP to verify your customers' phone numbers using an SMS verification code. This helps to reduce the risk of false orders and delivery problems by ensuring that the customer's phone number is accurate and up-to-date.
Here is the flow of the verification:

Step 1- Order placed

Customers place an order through EasySell order form.

Step 2- EasySell app sends an OTP code to the customer via SMS.

A unique four-digit code is sent to the customer's mobile number.

Step 3- The OTP pop-up window appears.

The customer inputs the code and clicks "verify."

Step 4- Order is marked as verified

The app will add EASYSELL_VERIFIED tag to the order.

1- Access SMS OTP feature

Click SMS Messages
Scroll down to Phone number Verification (OTP) feature
Click on Personalize

Tyslo EasySell - SMS OTP

2- Personalize OTP Message text

Tyslo EasySell - SMS OTP text

Available Variables

{otp} to insert the verification code (required).

3- Personalize OTP Pop-up text

Those are the Pop-up fields that will be shown to the customer, to enter the verification code sent earlier.

Tyslo EasySell - OTP Pop-up fields

4- Maximum number of attempts

Here you can define the maximum number of unsuccessful OTP attempts, Choose from 1 to 5.

Tyslo EasySell - OTP Max attempts

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Updated on: 03/03/2023