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What is a Google Autocomplete session?

How sessions work in Google Autocomplete

A Google Autocomplete session refers to the process that occurs when a customer starts typing their address into the address field on your form and receives automated, predictive text suggestions.

This session begins the moment the user starts entering text into the address field and continues until they select one of the suggested options provided by the Autocomplete feature (as defined in Google’s documentation here).

1- A session begins when a customer starts entering their address in the address field of your form.

2- The session includes all Google Autocomplete suggestions that are provided to the customer as they type their address into the field:

3- The session ends when a customer selects a suggestion between the list of suggestions.

Each session is charged at $0.020. (Learn more about why Google Autocomplete is not free here).

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Updated on: 17/01/2024