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How to recover abandoned orders created by EasySell using Omnisend?

This advanced guide will assist you in linking EasySell to the third-party application Omnisend. The goal is to enable you to send emails to recover abandoned orders. Please note that as Omnisend is a third-party app, EasySell support won't be able to assist with this process. Therefore, it's essential to carefully read through each step and refer to the provided images to successfully complete the setup.

Before starting this guide, make sure you have added a marketing consent checkbox to your form. If not, follow the article below:
How to add marketing consent checkbox to EasySell order form?

Step 1: Install Omnisend app and create an account

You can install Omnisend app from here:

Step 2: Get your API KEY from Omnisend

Click your account on top right and select: Store Settings

Select API Keys from the left menu:

Click on CREATE API KEY button:

Enter the name of the API Key: EasySell COD Form, then select the required permissions as on this image and click Save.

Now copy your API Key:

Step 3: Open EasySell and paste your API Key

Go back to EasySell app, then Open Settings > Advanced and go to Abandoned checkouts sections:

Paste your API Key from the previous step:

The last step is to test if everything is OK, click on Send test event button:

You should see a success message like this, means that you have successfully integrated EasySell with Omnisend.

Now save your API Key on EasySell:

#Step 4: Create Abandoned Checkout Workflow on Omnisend

From your Omnisend Dashboard click on Automation Menu then click on Create workflow button:

Click Customize workflow button on Abandoned Cart:

On the Trigger select EasySell Abandoned Orders event:

Make sure the trigger inactivity time option is disabled:

Edit your Email content:

Change the URL of the action button and set it to: [[event.recovery_url]]

This URL will open the same page where the customer abandoned his order and also his information will be prefilled.

ℹ️ If need any further information or you need any kind of help, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or WhatsApp from the app 😎

Updated on: 08/02/2024