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How to add a Shopify Checkout button to EasySell order form?

The Shopify Checkout button will redirect the customer to the Shopify checkout page to complete their order. The checkout information will be pre-filled with the details they entered in the form. Furthermore, you will be able to benefit from other features such as quantity offers and downsells.

Add "Shopify Checkout button"

You can easily add a Shopify Checkout button to EasySell order form, here is how you can do that:
Go to Form Builder
On Form elements click on the Basic tab
Choose Shopify checkout Button
Click Add
Save your changes

Tyslo EasySell - Add Shopify Checkout button

Customize "Shopify Checkout button"

You can customize the Shopify Checkout button, and change:
- Title
- Subtitle
- Add a Discount on prepaid orders
- Background color
- Button animation
- Icon
- Text color, size and style
- Border color, width, corners and shadow

Tyslo EasySell - Customize Shopify Checkout button

[optional] Rename the button which opens the form, informing the customer that payment can be made either through cash on delivery or online

Go to Settings
On Form Type & Button
Change the button name
Save your changes

Tyslo EasySell - Rename the Button that opens the form

Final result

Tyslo EasySell - Shopify Checkout button

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Updated on: 09/07/2023