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How to Create Different Shipping Rates Based on the Province, State, Governorate, or Wilaya?

To create different shipping rates based on the province, state, governorate, or wilaya, follow the steps below.

1. Add new Shipping Rate

Open EasySell.
Navigate to Settings > Shipping.
In the Shipping Rates section, click on Add Rate.

2. Enter Rate Details:

Fill in the name, price, and a brief description of the shipping rate.
Activate the option Apply this rate to certain provinces/states only.
Select the provinces or states where this rate will apply.
Then click Add rate.

For example, we will add two rates for the Adrar wilaya: one for home delivery and another for office delivery.

- Home Delivery

- Office Delivery

3. Expand Your Options:

You can repeat the process to create as many rates as you need for each province, state, governorate, or wilaya

Now, when a customer selects a province, state, governorate, or wilaya on the form, the shipping rates will automatically update to reflect those you have configured in EasySell.

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Updated on: 13/04/2024