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How to edit an order coming from EasySell?

To edit an order coming from EasySell app, follow the steps below:

Unfortunately, Shopify has a limitation that prevents the editing of orders placed through third-party apps such as ours. However, by implementing the workaround detailed below, you can make the necessary changes to your orders.

1- Duplicate the order in Shopify

Find the order you want to edit then duplicate it:

Tyslo EasySell - Duplicate Order

2- Make the changes you want on the the duplicated order

Tyslo EasySell - Update draft order

3- Convert the draft order into a regular order

Once you've made the necessary changes, you can proceed to complete the order.

Tyslo EasySell - Draft to normal order

Tyslo EasySell - Create order

4- Remove the initial order from Shopify

Tyslo EasySell - Cancel original order

ℹ️ If need any further information or you need any kind of help, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or WhatsApp from the app 😎

Updated on: 12/06/2023