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How to use an image as a button to open EasySell order form?

Follow the steps bellow to use an image as a button to open the order form.

Go to your page builder
Then add an image block where you want

Tyslo EasySell - Add image block

Upload your preferred image, and copy its link

Tyslo EasySell - copy image link

Next right click on image and select Edit code

Tyslo EasySell - edit image code

Now copy paste this code, and replace ADD_IMAGE_LINK_HERE with the image link you copied earlier, then save

<a href="#"><img src="ADD_IMAGE_LINK_HERE" data-animation="shakeUpDown" id="es-popup-button-overwrite"></a>

Here is the list of available animations:
Tyslo EasySell - edit image code 2

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Updated on: 28/03/2023